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Couples Conflict Coach has a tip on how to renew your marriage.  If you feel like your marriage could use a good pick-me-up, try hanging out with your spouse and doing recreational activities together.  Taking time for recreation together will "renew" your marriage.  You will relate to your spouse in new ways by playing together in a variety of settings.  You will learn to depend on each other for fun.

Recreation will also make life more exciting and fight off boredom.  Try something new with your spouse.  What kinds of activities could you take on together? 

  • Try a dance class together. 
  • If one of you is a golfer, give your spouse a lesson or two. 
  • Read novels together. 
  • Help someone in need together, and keep it a secret! 
  • Take early morning walks. 
  • Go camping together. 
  • Laugh at a comedy show together
  • Rent a boat and float down the river

The possibilities are endless.  Try one out and watch your boredom disappear. Also, there is less time to argue when you are laughing together at a comedy show or watching the sun go down at the beach. would love to hear how it goes!  
Couples Conflict Coach



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